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Our Park Avenue clients wanted to refresh key spaces of their home in preparation for the arrival of grandkids. The primary areas of focus included the kitchen, 3 bathrooms, and storage additions to the dining room and primary bedroom.

The kitchen footprint stayed intact due to spatial limitations, so we turned our attention to maximizing storage space, and interjected a new look and feel. The kitchen had been previously renovated in the 90’s and the style didn’t honor the pre-war character of the apartment. We created a custom door profile inspired by the classic shaker but elevated it with a subtle slope detail to add more depth. We also created a custom table design inspired by the door profile.

We used a combination of a painted finish and natural oak to help zone the cabinetry into various functions. The original kitchen design included a banquette which was constructed well and worked in the space. We re-finished it and added new upholstery to breathe new life into it, and ensured it felt part of the new kitchen design.

The existing bathrooms were transformed to provide a luxurious and comfortable experience for their family members and guests. The design incorporated modernized plumbing fixtures, classic tiling details, and efficient lighting to create a restful atmosphere. Ample storage solutions, such as custom vanity cabinets and shelving keep the bathrooms organized and clutter-free.

Recognizing the need for additional storage space, we incorporated built-in storage and display space in the dining room. We used the same custom door profile from the kitchen to help create more consistency.
We also added a custom European style closet solution in the primary bedroom to provide additional clothing and shoe storage.

Throughout the renovation, special attention was given to incorporating family-friendly features that prioritize the safety and comfort of our client's growing family. We also focused on marrying the new style with the beautiful existing character, and beautiful furniture and art collection curated over the years.

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