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Our clients purchased a beautiful new construction condo in Long Island City in 2022. The development included stunning finishes with brass plumbing fixtures, brass detailing in the kitchen with smoked oak tones, and incredibly large windows and terrace with views towards Manhattan. The downside was the limited storage space for our clients and their two dogs, and the lack of personality in the space to make it feel like their home.

Our team created a “spine” wall of storage through the center of the apartment providing a multitude of uses; entry bench, pet food storage and doggo related gear storage, dry bar, overflow kitchen storage, coffee machine station, wine cooler, media storage, and open shelves for books, photos, and decorative items. As this piece of millwork covered the only remaining wall surfaces in the living space, we also mounted a TV on the piece, and selected a bold color to add interest and personality to the space in the absence of artwork.

For the furniture selection, it was also important for our clients to entertain up to 10 people for dinner, so we added an extendable table to give them the flexibility, and included a sectional to maximize seating space. The color palette was first inspired by the condo’s existing material selections of warm tones with brass accents. For the bedroom and office space, we took a black and white approach in each space but applied it in different ways, so each space felt individual but there was some continuity in the condo. In the bedroom, we designed a custom headboard to both maximize floor space and to add warmth and texture with a beautiful brass-colored velvet.

The outcome was a space that functions for everyday life with fulltime working professionals and their two adorable puppies, which still had the “wow factor” entertaining friends and family.

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