Integrated Interior Design

When it comes to residential remodeling in New York City, hiring an interior designer is a crucial component to achieving a cohesive renovation. While the architect typically focuses on the structural aspects and the application process of the renovation, the interior designer brings in the functionality, the aesthetic, and creative vision to elevate the space.

Here are some reasons why hiring a team with a deep focus on interior design is critical to the success of your residential remodel:

1. Aesthetic Coherence: When an interior design team works hand in hand with the architect, it creates a more cohesive and unified design concept. The designer ensures that the furniture, finishes, and decoration selections complement the architectural design of the space, while also bringing in their own creative statement.

2. Space Optimization: Interior designers are experts at maximizing the use of space while ensuring that it remains functional and practical. They can provide suggestions for furniture placement, built-in storage solutions, and other design elements that can make a big difference in how the space is utilized.

3. Material Selection: With their extensive knowledge of materials, colors, and textures, interior designers can help choose the right finishes and materials for the project. This includes selecting flooring, wall finishes, lighting, and other decorative elements that will help bring the space to life.

4. Project Management: Interior designers also have experience in project management, which can be incredibly beneficial in ensuring that the renovation runs smoothly. They can help coordinate with vendors, manage the project timeline, and ensure that all design elements are implemented according to plan. Interior designers are “big picture” thinkers and are always focused on the end goal which aids in project progression.

5. Increased Property Value: By hiring an interior design team, you can increase the value of your property. A well-designed space can make a significant impact on potential buyers, making your property more attractive and marketable.

While an architect can provide the technical expertise necessary for a renovation project, it’s the interior designer who adds creativity and makes a space a home. Integrating the designer with the architect ensures that the project is cohesive, functional, and beautiful. This collaboration can lead to a better outcome and achieves an elevated renovation your friends and family members will admire.